Commission on Stewardship

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We believe that faithful stewardship is a thankful response to God’s abundance and is an essential component in the life of everyone who believes in and follows Jesus Christ. We understand stewardship to mean all that we do with the resources God has given us to use, such as our talents, our time, and our material possessions. We believe faithful stewardship means making prayerful decisions to use and share these resources responsibly, joyfully, and in keeping with God’s purposes. We recognize and accept the tithe as a minimum standard of giving.

Materials you can use now:

The Stewardship Commission has developed 3 bible-based study series that are appropriate for use as Lent Courses, adult forum series, or small group series

A. Finding Our Commitment to Christ in Ordinary Times

Click here to view the “Finding Our Commitment” booklet.


B. Planning For Abundance, a Lenten Study

Click to the appropriate link below for material on the Planning for Abundance series:

PFA Activities for Children - Lent 1.pdf

PFA Activities for Children - Lent 2.pdf

PFA Activities for Children - Lent 3.pdf

PFA Activities for Children - Lent 4.pdf

PFA Activities for Children - Lent 5.pdf

PFA Evaluation Form.pdf

PFA Lenten Booklet.pdf

PFA Practice handouts.pdf

PFA Silly Stewardship Sentences.pdf

PFA Stewardship Wordsearch.pdf


C. The Kingdom of Heaven is Like....

Click the link below for the study booklet:

“The Kingdom of Heaven is Like…”

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